Southeast Soccer Club

Competitive Program Next Phase

May 2018

SESC Parents,

Southeast Soccer Club has been a staple of youth soccer in Portland Oregon for decades. The success of the Club owes mainly to the families who have participated in managing the programs (Mighty Mites, Recreational, and Competitive) throughout the years. The SESC Board and its collaborative structure is a key example of how a community-based organization can be successful. Building upon that successful collaborative model, the SESC Competitive Program will reorganize its management structure, moving away from a single "Director of Competitive Play" towards a "Committee of Competitive Play" to create a stable, efficient and more engaged management team with both parents and players.

The Objectives

• Increased communication

In a single Director program model, it can be challenging to disseminate information and respond to questions from families, players, vendors, board and community members. Vacation, illness and personal obligations can often, understandably, take precedence over SESC business. One person has a limited supply of time and energy to provide. The creation of a Committee will increase capacity, allowing the SESC Competitive program to quickly respond to the questions and needs of its stakeholders (families, players, board members, community members, vendors, etc.).

• Increased program stability

The longevity of SESC's Recreational soccer program has been a part of what makes the Southeast Portland a special place to live. A large part of this success is owed to the various Board members who have participated in the program throughout the years. The continuous flow of personalities and ideas has kept the program vibrant, successful and created an atmosphere of teamwork. When a member of the SESC Board transitions out of the program, remaining members assist in sharing the workload until a new Board member joins the team. The program continues to thrive and avoids dependency on a single person or skillset.

The establishment of a "Committee of Competitive Play" will replicate this successful model. A Committee provides a varied range of ideas and opinions and also allows for the ease of transition, multiple members sharing the workload as existing members transition out and new members join the committee. The program continues to thrive and avoids dependency on a single person or skillset.

• Increased capacity for growth

In a single Director program model, the ability to respond to opportunities is limited to what a single person can accomplish. The old adage, "two people can do the work of three" applies here. By increasing the size of the program management structure, we increase the capacity of what can be accomplished.

• Increased transparency

In a single Director model, the SESC Board has only a single conduit for obtaining information about the Competitive Program. Vacation, illness and personal obligations can often cause someone to miss a Board meeting or be otherwise unavailable. The establishment of a Committee will provide the Board multiple conduits of communication, multiple opinions on the success of the program and increase transparency into the program.

The different roles that will comprise the new committee members are as follows:

• Director of Coaching - Corey Johnson (

Responsible for developing a comprehensive player and coach development program, leading coaching educational & training sessions.

• Director of Fields - Simon O'Gorman (

Responsible for obtaining field permits for the Competitive program, field development outreach, and communication with OYSA regarding field scheduling.

• Director of Programs - Staci MacDonald (

Responsible for competitive team formation, competitive coach recruitment, organizing competitive tryouts, and training program opportunities for competitive players (e.g. Futsal, Keeper training).

• Director of Communications - Anthony Odro (

Responsible for communication with coaches, families and players, competitive program marketing, and competitive program philosophy.

• Director of Operations - Frank Petrillo (

Responsible for creation of the Competitive program budget, tracking of expenditures, competitive program calendar, creation and maintenance of program run-books, and program documentation.

We are all excited about this next chapter in SESC's Competitive branch and hope to continue to serve our families as we facilitate children playing soccer.

Dave Wardwell, President